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Epoxy Floor Coating

Floor Coating Services in
Elk Grove

Serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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Epoxy Floor Coating

Floor Coating Services in
Elk Grove

Serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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Why Should You Get an Epoxy Floor Coating?

An Epoxy Floor Coating mixes resin, hardeners, and additives that create a chemical bond with your floor for an easy protective layer.

If your floor receives mid-to-heavy traffic and is vulnerable to damages and dents, get an Epoxy Coating for an added layer of protection for your floors. This coating is super cost-effective as compared to entirely redoing your floors once damage’s been done. An Epoxy Floor Coating is even durable and can last many years, so once you’ve had it installed, you won’t have to worry as much anymore.

Experts recommend going for 100% solid epoxy for the best results. It’s also applicable to residential, commercial, and even industrial properties. The other types of coating include a water-based and a solvent (part solvent, part epoxy). You can decide which one’s best for you depending on your budget and needs.

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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

  • It can withstand heavy traffic with its durable and robust qualities.
  • It’s low maintenance, stain proof, and non-porous.
  • It has a glossy finish that reflects light and brightens up the room.
  • It gives you a seamless finish for covering up dents or damages on your floor
  • Highly customizable

Styles you can get for coating

  • Rock pebble: entails mixing in small, smooth pebbles with your epoxy coating
  • Flake: you can add flakes in the coating with different colors or even a metallic style.
  • Images: for commercial properties, there is an option to put your logo or brandings on your floor.

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What's the Difference Between Epoxy Floor Coating and Epoxy Flooring?

Many people get confused between these two, but essentially, Epoxy Flooring is at least 2 millimeters thick. At the same time, Epoxy Flooring Coating is less than that.

The Epoxy Flooring also adds structural support to the floor. In contrast, the coating only adds a protective layer and does little in structural support.

How Much Does it Cost?

On average, Epoxy Floor Coatings cost $0.37-$1.40 per square foot, while Epoxy Flooring costs $3 to $15 per square foot.

Different variations depend on the type of Epoxy used, plus labor & material cost. The most significant factors would be the size of your property and the kind of Epoxy. For Floor Coatings, the most expensive type is the 100% Solid Epoxy.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Over Buying a DIY Kit?

DIY kits have become increasingly popular over the years. However, it still can’t stand on the same level as professionally installed floorings. The difference lies with having to re-touch or re-apply your work every few years compared to having one that lasts for years.

Residential spaces see longer flooring lifetimes of up to 30 years. While commercial and industrial properties have a shorter lifespan, it’s all due to heavy traffic. We can apply a UV-stable top coating to ensure you get the best out of your Epoxy Flooring.

This flooring is also easy to install, and our team of experts will be there and gone within the approved timeline. You can also rest assured that we’ve done a great job and you won’t have to worry about your floors for a long time yet.

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Considering a new Epoxy Garage Floor?

Our Epoxy Flooring Services

Garage Flooring

If your garage experiences heavy traffic from tires or heavy-duty activities, choose our garage flooring service to protect your floors. Different garage flooring depends on what kind of protection you want. Epoxy garage flooring can handle heavy-duty activities while having long-lasting results.

Floor Coating

An Epoxy floor coating works on residential, commercial, or industrial floors. It'll give you a lovely gloss finish and protect you from damage from stain, mold, and mildew. These are fast installations and can last up to 20 years!

Basement Flooring

You can also protect your home from any damage you get from mold and bacteria commonly found in basements. These are also waterproof and stainproof with a beautiful gloss finish.

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