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Epoxy Flooring Services Elk Grove is a local flooring services company made up of experts in the field and local contractors you can trust. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If you’re ever in need of flooring services, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Who Are We?

We’re experts in epoxy flooring services dedicated to giving you the best service we can. We’re a team of locals who have worked in the field of epoxy flooring and have become experts. We’re a company you can rely on for fast and dependable service.

What do we do?

The services we offer include epoxy garage flooring, floor coating, and basement flooring. Our process starts from an online or in-person assessment of the job, then a free, no-obligation estimate, and confirming a booking with our team. If you choose us, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on any job we take on, and after-sales service, and excellent customer service the whole time.

Connect with one of our team members today, and we’ll provide a solution to your flooring problems!

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Services Elk Grove?

Here are some points to consider:
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You can call us up or leave us a message for whatever services you need. We deliver quotes and estimates immediately.

Fast Installation

Our team can get the job done in as fast as 3 days.


Enjoy competitive pricing on all our products and services throughout Elk Grove.

Locally Owned

Our team is made up of local Elk Grove contractors in California.

Lifetime Warranty

Have a lifetime warranty on all our Epoxy Flooring services.

Why do you need Epoxy Flooring in Elk Grove?

You might think putting on tiles or paint is good enough to protect your floors, but that’s not always true! Whether it’s your garage, basement, or warehouse, different flooring needs different protection. Having flooring products will save you tons of money when your properties eventually get damaged. Would you rather constantly fix your garage or get Epoxy Flooring and not worry about it for another 20 years?

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a type of flooring that has a two-part system: polymer resins and hardeners. These form a chemical reaction with each other and the floor to make a durable material that protects your floors. It’s resistant to various chemicals, waterproof, and is really easy to clean.

Epoxy Flooring is when you apply epoxy resin to a floor with a depth of at least two millimeters. It’s categorized as an Epoxy Floor Coating when it’s less than two millimeters. They have long-lasting results that can last up to 20 years. It’s one of the most durable types of flooring protection you’ll find out there.

Plus, it’s cost-effective and easy to clean because of its nonstick surface. To top it all off, Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coating can brighten up your space with its light-reflective properties and stunning finish.

This type of flooring is something you can do on your own, BUT installation time can be labor intensive if you’re doing it yourself. Why worry about that when you can avail of our services? Our turnaround time is fast, it won’t disrupt your everyday routines, and you won’t have to break a sweat.

Here are some common types of Epoxy Flooring:

Self-dispersing Epoxy Flooring

Best used for processing plants or those that deal with a lot of liquid. This type of Epoxy Flooring has an anti-slip feature and can protect you from heavy mechanical pressure.

Mortar Epoxy Flooring

This is the most robust type of Epoxy Flooring. These are best used for places that deal with chemicals since this is highly chemically resistant, such as warehouses, kitchens, and manufacturing plants. You can also use this to repair cracks and for heavy impact traffic.

Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring

Best used for design or decor where you can put patterns or pieces of glass, marble, or granite.

Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring

Best used to create a leveled texture surface and can be applied over cracked, damaged, or old floors. It’s got a smooth finish and a shiny look with many colors to choose from.

Gravel Epoxy Flooring

Best used for branding or decor in commercial or industrial properties since you can use this to add logos

Flaked Coating Epoxy Flooring

Best used for a more subtle design by putting flakes in your epoxy. This addition creates a multi-hued aesthetic and lessens the risk of slips.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Services

Garage Flooring

If your garage experiences heavy traffic from tires or heavy-duty activities, choose our garage flooring service to protect your floors. Different garage flooring depends on what kind of protection you want. Epoxy garage flooring can handle heavy-duty activities while having long-lasting results.

Floor Coating

An Epoxy floor coating works on residential, commercial, or industrial floors. It'll give you a lovely gloss finish and protect you from damage from stain, mold, and mildew. These are fast installations and can last up to 20 years!

Basement Flooring

You can also protect your home from any damage you get from mold and bacteria commonly found in basements. These are also waterproof and stainproof with a beautiful gloss finish.

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring vs. Other Flooring Methods?

Epoxy Flooring vs. Paint

Epoxy Flooring is not at all the same as just painting your floors. Paint is either oil or water-based and is best used for walls and ceilings. They are not as effective on floors, which get the most traffic, damage, and chemical spills. If you opt for paint, you’re running the risk of repainting it every few years just to protect your floors.

Epoxy Flooring has a two-part system that is not just oil or water-based. This two-part system allows Epoxy Floors to be durable against heavy-duty traffic and pressure. Their finish is nice and glossy and is easily customizable. It can last you up to 20 years and is low maintenance.

Epoxy Flooring vs. Other Flooring Products

Deciding on flooring protection may vary depending on what you need it for and the space’s purpose. Epoxy Flooring can be applied to your garage, industrial, or commercial properties. Regardless of your need, there are various epoxies that are made depending on your floors. 

So what are the advantages of Epoxy Flooring over other products?

Easy installation and lasts years

There are some DIY kits out there of Epoxy Flooring, but it’s going to take some research and several days for you to get it done on your own. A professional installation protects you from damaging your floors further, and it can last years.

Affordable price

If you’re thinking of other floorings like tiles, they can be a hit or miss. The best quality tiles that will last you lifetimes are often the most expensive investments, so you have to watch out for your budget too. There is also some type of tiles that you shouldn’t have on your floors, especially for industrial or commercial properties. These are VCT, Porcelain, and Ceramic tiles.


Epoxy has different specifications for different needs, various grades for varying traffic loads, various chemical compositions for different floor conditions, and many more. There are a lot of types and variations to choose from, so more often than not, you’ll find something that suits you.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy Flooring can have a seamless and nonstick finish, so you’ll just have to wipe down the floors for any stains. It’s super easy to clean, and you can add Epoxy Coatings on existing Epoxy Floorings if you need something more.

Cost of Epoxy Flooring in Elk Grove

Since many factors go into Epoxy Flooring, rates may vary depending on your needs. An average cost for professional installation can be from $3 to $15 per square foot in Elk Grove, California. Some of the things that will affect costs include the type of coating you’ll get, the size of your property, and any damage to your floors.

Costs may be higher if:

  • You have a large area to cover
  • Your floor needs to be leveled.
  • Your floor is damaged (cracked or broken)
  • Your floor needs extra preparation work (power washing or pressure cleaning, items need to be moved from the area)
  • You want a topcoat for added protection.
  • You’re going to use a solid epoxy or solvent epoxy.

Costs may be lower if:

  • You have a small area to cover
  • Your floor is in excellent condition
  • You don’t need a lot of preparation work
  • You’re going to use a water-based epoxy

How much does it cost to have Epoxy Flooring?

Average costs are from $3 to $15 in the Elk Grove area.

Is it worth it? How long does it last?

It can last up to 20 years, especially with added protection like a topcoat.

What are the disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring?

  • The surface can get cold.
  • You’ll need to apply a finish since UV radiation can dull its shine and appearance.
  • If you get cracks, it can cause ripples on the floor. To avoid this, make sure you get an expert and professional to install it.

Is having a professional epoxy on your garage floor worth it?

There are a lot of DIY Epoxy Flooring kits out there and tutorial videos, but there are many ways that a self-installation can go wrong. It’ll be better if you have professionals install your Epoxy Flooring or Coating to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth!

What Our Customers Say

Read a few of our client’s reviews. Our customers are what makes us strive the be the very best Epoxy Flooring Experts in Elk Grove and the surrounding areas.

The guys at Epoxy Flooring Elk Grove were in and out like a flash. In total it was about 4 days they started and finished. The results were great in my new garage.

David Simmons

Our new reception area looks fantastic, after some great suggestions from Ben and his team. We opted. for the flaked epoxy option to add some character to our entrance.

Mark Waters

Totally love the new modern feel that our epoxy floor brings to our basement. It has become our new favorite room in the house because we can now entertain guests without feeling embarrassed. Thanks guys!

Steven Myers

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